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    - Shane Pilato, Owner



Hydro seeding is a process used to apply seed and mulch for turf grass establishment, land reclamation, cover crops and erosion control. Our specialized equipment allows us to apply the fertilizer, mulching material and seed in one step. The process is fast, efficient, and economical. (and of course, it’s also fun to watch!)
Hydro seeding is far superior when compared to traditional methods…

Hydro seeding vs. Seed & Straw

  • Comparable initial cost.
  • No messy straw or hay to blow around or cleanup once established.
  • Better moisture retention
  • No weed seed.
  • No Dust
  • Increase germination time by 30%HydroSeeding
  • Eliminate pest problems during seed establishment.
  • Save money & time!

Hydroseeding vs. Sod

  • More then 85% more economic
  • Hydroseed can be applied almost anywhere.
  • Less maintenance during establishment.
  • Less preparation.
  • Seed can be matched to your specific soil conditions and site, unlike sod.
  • No need for years of excessive over-seeding.
  • Save money & time!

Hire The Pro’s

Like any contractor, standards for quality and workmanship vary greatly. We have a knowledgeable staff with years of experience, who are dedicated to the success of our projects. We use only the best products available and take our time to do the job right.

Site Preparation

We have the tools & equipment necessary to prep your site for hydro seeding.

    -Finish Grading & Power Raking
    -Soil chemistry remediation.
    -Soil & Irrigation water tests. 

Hydroseeding & Erosion Control

Hydro seeding is known in the industry to be a viable solution for erosion problems during vegetation establishment.

What is a BFM?

A BFM (Bonded Fiber Matrix) is a hydraulically applied product which is designed, tested and proven to match or exceed the performance of erosion control blankets. Once applied, it forms a continuous layer of elongated fiber strands held together by a water-resistant bonding agent. It eliminates direct rain drop impact on soil (it has no holes greater than one millimeter in size), it allows no gaps between the product and the soil and it has a high water-holding capacity. A bonded fiber matrix will not form a water-insensitive crust that can inhibit plant growth and it biodegrades completely into materials known to be beneficial to plant growth.

The benefits of hydroseeding with a BFM are unsurpassed…

  • Exceeds the EPA’s Phase II compliance for soil loss on exposed soils.
  • Helps to hold steep slopes.
  • Less expensive than traditional blankets.
  • Easy application through a hydroseeder.
  • Saves countless hours in labor.

Other Erosion Control Services & Products

  • Silt fence installation.
  • Straw wattles.
  • Drain inlet protection.