North Country Landscapes, LLC

  • Your yard is a garden. A place dedicated to the outward expression of you. It is a space which marries the architecture of your structures to the lay of the land. It is a living space, a place to relax or play, but most importantly‚Ķ It is a tangible space that can stimulate your senses with color and fragrance and enhance the quality of your life.

    - Shane Pilato, Owner


Residential Design Program

Get the most out of a CONSULTATION with your Landscape Designer by asking yourself beforehand.

  • What areas on your property bother you the most?
  • Do you know the identity of all the plants?
  • Have you identified all the microclimates or trouble spots?
  • Do you have a budget in mind?
  • What timeframe do you have in mind for the project?
  • Do you plan on working in your garden yourself, or hiring outside help?
  • If deciding on a PLAN- Do you have a copy of a plot map from your builder, realtor, or county that gives specific dimensions and house footprint?

This completed questionnaire, along with information that I obtain from / about the site, will enable me to draw up an analysis disgram, which is the first step in the design program.





Zip Code

Home Phone

Business Phone

Cell Phone

Email Address

This analysis is designed to give me an overall concept of your property, family lifestyle,
and the design elements that need to be considered for the conceptual landscape plan.
With the information provided here, and during follow-up conversations, I can tailor the
design to your specific needs.

Property Information [size of lot]

Architectural Style

Current Landscape Condition

House Color

Size of Garage

Interior Color Scheme

Interior Style

Site Work:

Will grading design be required?
 Not Applicable Minimal (+- 2 ft. of cut or fill) Moderate (+- 3 ft. of cut or fill) Extensive (+- 4 ft. of cut or fill)

Are retaining walls desired or needed?
 Yes No Maybe Not Applicable

Are views to be preserved?
 Yes No Maybe Not Applicable

Are views to be screened?
 Yes No Maybe Not Applicable

Will construction need to be phased?
 Yes No Maybe

Have you established a construction budget?
 Yes No Maybe


Is drainage design needed?
 Yes No Maybe Not Applicable

Are there any existing drainage problems? If checked, please describe.
 Yes No Maybe

Outdoor Improvements Desired:

Select all that are applicable to your desired outdoor improvements:
 Paving (Driveway, etc.) Patios, Walkways For Entertainment (Small Group) For Entertainment (Large Group) For Eating Is Special (enhanced) paving, desired? Wood decking (usually above grade) Site Furniture (Selected by Us) Site Furniture (Custom Design by Us) Shade Overhead Shade/Trellis Structure Barbecue Outdoor Kitchen Fireplace

Desired exterior architectural feelings: (check all that apply)
 Front Yard "Open" to Street or Neighborhood Purely Functional Private Welcoming Elegant Casual Hidden Grand Dramatic Distinctive Bold Comfortable Understated Subtle Carefully Proportioned Soft Delicate Charming Other

Waterworks: (check all that apply)
 Swimming Pool (Exercise 40+ ft. Long) Swimming Pool (Play Pool Less Than 40 ft.) Swimming Pool (Small Pool Less Than 30 ft.) Automatic Pool Cover Special Fencing Between Pool and House Solar Panels for Pool (Roughly Equal to Pool Area) Spa (1-3 Persons) Spa (3-6 Persons) Spa (5+ Persons) Fountains (Loud, Lots of Water) Fountains (Quiet, Subtle) Fountains (Pooling) Pond (Waterfalls) Pond (Fountain) Other

Privacy and Security desired:
 Fences around side and rear property lines Any other privacy issues Walls (masonry) Entry monument

Irrigation desired:
 Any existing irrigation to be preserved Any known pressure problems For turf areas For planting beds Potable water around property

 Exterior task lighting (walks, driveway) New fixtures on exterior of house Landscape lighting Lighting of special features Lighting of fountains

Areas to be Screened:
 Storage Compost Trash Fireplace - Wood Utilities Recreational Vehicle(s) Satellite Antenna

Other Considerations:
 Separate (live-in) domestic yard area Potting shed Garden work area Tennis court Golf greens Dog run area Play area Security

Landscape Planting (Desired Style & Type): (check all that apply)
 Mediterranean Formal classical Native Native and naturalizing Thrifty with water, regardless of style Drought tolerant or resistant Xeriphytic - one established no water needed English or country European Eastern U.S. Oriental Lawn Fruit trees Veggies Art or sculpture in the garden Garden furnishings, sundials, birdbaths, or finials

Do you want the landscape to be an artwork in itself?
 Yes No Maybe

Are deer a major problem?
 Yes No Maybe

Desired landscape feelings: (check all that apply)
 Formal Welcoming (inviting) Well kept -- trimmed Intimate Grand Soft and loose Elegant In between Private Natural Open feeling (all garden areas merge) Somewhat overgrown Garden rooms Occasional mystery or enchantment Fun Whimsical Casual Other

Other landscape priorities: (check all that apply)
 Fragrance Color Color beds to be changed out 3-4 times per year Planted pottery Concerned about Bees Concerned about Poisonous plants Any plants/color/others you do not want used Are you opposed to the use of pesticides or chemicals in your garden Do any existing plants, trees, or structures need to be removed or relocated

Additional comments on landscape priorities:

Lakeside Residents Only:
 Slope to lake (Easy) Slope to lake (Steep) Slope to lake (Very Steep) Access to lake - Stairs/steps Access to lake - Walkway Access to lake - Open plan (grassy approach) Access to lake - Combination (connecting plateaus, traverse hill sideways) Potable Water Electric Entertainment areas BBQ Storage Beach area Erosion control (Stone) Erosion control (Vegetative) Erosion control (Combination) Boats (Gas-powered) Boats (Canoe or Kayak) Boats (Combination) Dock

 Will you have professional landscape maintenance A Certified Landscape Technician Garden laborer Somewhere in between the above Other

Would you like some professional follow up (on an as needed or as requested basis) from your Landscape Designer?
 Yes No Maybe

Budget: When planning out a landscape it is important to know what your budget is. This could be annually or total. We often break down projects into phases. This helps us design to fit within your budget, and still accomplish your goals. If you don't really know what your budget might be, even rough numbers help with a target. We can always revisit preliminary estimates and explore different options.

Have you considered how much you would like to invest in your landscape? (i.e. Total)

Are you interested in doing the entire project at one time, or will you do it in phases?

List in order of their priority; list your desired objectives and motivations in making these improvements:

Please add any additional information that you feel would be helpful in planning your design:

Include photos or scans of idea clippings (below) if you have them: