North Country Landscapes, LLC

  • Your yard is a garden. A place dedicated to the outward expression of you. It is a space which marries the architecture of your structures to the lay of the land. It is a living space, a place to relax or play, but most importantly… It is a tangible space that can stimulate your senses with color and fragrance and enhance the quality of your life.

    - Shane Pilato, Owner



If you’re afraid to get your hands dirty… then you’re on the wrong page.

The outdoor industry can be grueling, difficult, dirty work…however if you are like us, and gain satisfaction and pride in creating a beautiful outdoor space, then you are indeed on the right page.

We are currently not actively hiring at the moment. If you have a exceptional skill set that we would be interested in, please feel free to fill out our application, we would love to hear from you!